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Remember that you may order online 365 days a year! For your convenience, the following selection of items is available for purchase online throughout the entire year. We will ship anywhere within the continental United States. A shipping & handling charge of 10% (minimum $9.00) will be added to your order at the time of check-out (along with 6.25% sales tax on non-clothing items for Massachusetts customers only.) Shipping & handling charges and sales tax do not apply to gift certificates, gift cards, or admissions. PLEASE Allow at least 3-7 business days for delivery.

If there is any merchandise that you would like to pick up in person, please call 978-392-0955 any day we are open, between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, and we will have your order ready for you. Remember that you do NOT need to purchase admission tickets in advance!

New Commemmorative Bricks!

The Butterfly Place Brick Fundraiser

Engrave a brick with a special message or design and give it as a unique gift. Bricks are perfect for commemorating special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. They can also be used to create a lasting memorial for a loved one. Engrave a brick with your own message (up to three lines) and choose from one of our preselected images. The bricks will be installed in our pathway in the atrium so you can see it every time you visit! Bricks are a great way to show your appreciation for someone special. They are also a unique and lasting gift that will be cherished for years to come.

New Commemmorative Bricks: Please select the number of bricks you would like to purchase. NOTE: After placing your order, please email us at

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to provide the text that you would like to be engraved on your brick(s).


Butterfly Hatching Kit: A gift of anticipation! The kit, shown here, contains 2 Painted Lady Caterpillars in vials with food and complete instructions. Now available!

Butterfly Hatching Kit, contains 2 Painted Lady Caterpillars.

Butterfly Hatching Kit with Coupon: Ordering from October through late March, or don’t want the caterpillars now? You can purchase the hatching kit as described above with a coupon which can be redeemed any time between late March and September 30th, when we will send the two caterpillars. Ideal for Winter birthday gifts or as a gift for your favorite teacher!


Mini-Kit: Shown here, includes 1 Painted Lady Caterpillar with food and box for hatching. Available late March - September 30th.

Butterfly Hatching Mini-Kit, contains 1 Painted Lady Caterpillar.

Mini-Kit with Coupon: Ordering from October through late March, or don't want the caterpillar now? You can purchase the hatching kit as described above with a coupon which can be redeemed any time between late March and September 30th, when we will send one caterpillar.


Painted Lady Caterpillars: Easter and Spring are almost here! Need additional Painted Lady Caterpillars? (No box.)
Price is for one caterpillar. Painted Lady Caterpillars will be available beginning March 25, 2024. Caterpillars take about 3-4 weeks to grow, change, and become butterflies. Place orders for Easter no later than March 18, 2024, and we will ship on March 25, 2024. If you wish to pick your caterpillars up in our gift shop, please call ahead so they will be ready for you.


PLEASE Allow at least 3-7 business days for delivery.

Butterfly Release Gift Card
Release two live butterflies into our indoor garden. Please call ahead so we have the butterflies ready for you (978) 392-0955. Don’t forget admission as the butterflies are released into our indoor flight area!


The Butterfly Place Gift Certificates
May be used for Admission and/or Merchandise. May not be redeemed online.
Gift Certificates - Available in various denominations: No sales tax or shipping charges will be calculated for gift certificates which you order online.






Book of 10 Admission Coupons: Includes coupons for 10 Admissions to The Butterfly Place (good for all ages, any time we are open, with no expiration date). Great for libraries, groups of fewer than 15 people, repeat visitors and corporate incentives. Save up to $50.00!


Butterfly Place Iron-On Patches … 2½ inches in diameter. Great for scouts and others.

Butterfly Place Iron-On Patch

Butterfly Garden (by Insect Lore): Raise and release Painted Lady butterflies! You will receive a container and complete instructions, including a coupon which is to be sent to Insect Lore for which you will receive 5 caterpillars and their food.

Butterfly Garden

Flutterby: The original butterfly feeder. Love butterflies but don’t have the flowers to attract them? Well, this feeder will!

Flutterby Butterfly Feeder

Butterfly Nectar: Intended for use with the Flutterby Feeder (above.) Box contains 7.5 ounces.

Nectar for Butterfly Feeders

Dainty Blue Origami Butterfly Earrings: Made with sterling silver ear wire and all treated to endure the elements, they are the creations of local artist Lisa B. Corfman.

Dainty Blue Origami Butterfly Earrings
Dainty Blue Origami Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly Earrings from Jems by Joan: Sparkling Swarovski crystals are featured in these delightful butterfly earrings by local artist, Joan Leaver. Sterling silver findings are used with the exception of the wings which are silver plated. Part of “The Butterfly Collection” from Jems by Joan. Available in your choice of three colors.

Butterfly Earrings from Jems by Joan
Rose with Rose Opal


Amethyst with Light Amethyst

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies: The first all-photographic guide, features 1,014 full-color images of living butterflies, caterpillars, and chrysalises in their natural habitats. All the true butterflies and the most common skippers of North America north of Mexico are covered, with complete descriptions for 600 species and notes on 70 others. 924 pages, including 300 pages of color plates.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies

On Beyond Bugs! All About INSECTS: By Tish Rabe, illustrated by Aristides Ruiz. A children’s book in The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, bridging the gap between concept books written for preschoolers and nonfiction that requires fluent reading skills. 44 pages.

On Beyond Bugs! All About INSECTS

A Golden Guide to Butterflies and Moths of North America: Suitable for all ages.

Golden Guide to Butterflies and Moths

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